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Got Tricks?


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Yeah there was a lot of nfl ones out. too bad theyre fake


really? Like i know they could easily be faked, but I at least thought a handful of the NFL players would have a little bit of talent.



Oh wait, I know how it's fake now, that guy jumping through that car window! It's gotta be fake, no american is thin enough to do that.

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so i have a serious question. what do you guys call english muffins over there?

They're just muffins. Though we call these muffins too:




That's madness! Isn't that like me saying haven't had a hot dog since I was like 7?


and crumpets do sound damn good right about now.


lols.dunno what people think out there... but fish n chips are more our thing!


Are crumpet what we Americans call cracker? I had a dr ask me if I had any biscuit.. :crazy:


I also had a college professor ask for an erasure but instead, he said, "Do you have a rubber I can borrow?" :dry:


this is a crumpet:


fracking good toasted on a fire, with butter on. Lol n yeah, it's a rubber not an erasure!


i gotta question; do u guys call taps, faucets? that's just retarded.



Hey colter, I just found your mom on youtoob!


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