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2011 Camaro SS

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Here is a 2SS Camaro, Without the RS Package.


Funny story, At work we had to go up to Harrisburg Pa to pick up the Camaro, Came back there was a small dent on the hood. Well lovely body shop pulled the dent out but broke the windshield while at it. So than they send me up to Burlington Nj to grab this one. In which we attend to swap hood and trunk off other one due to black stripes(owners Idea since this one is was a sold order) And a windshield for a new Camaro is about 4 Months out of stock.


Anywho here some Shots



2011Camaro by PrestonTallhamer, on Flickr



2011CamaroSS by PrestonTallhamer, on Flickr



014 by PrestonTallhamer, on Flickr



By the Way, I think this thread Should of been Posted in Domestics / Other Imports / European My Fault.


Sorry Browski

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meh, i like the 69-71 better

They deff made that car nice in stick.


Some cars just ehh in a stick. But man the camaro stick is nice. tranny shifts so nice.



Im waiting for The GM Performance Edition Chevy Cruze SS Hatchback to Come Out


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Someone should youtube the video I watched of an '11 5.0 mustang outfitted with an automatic tranny beating the dogcrap out of an 11 camaro ss on a track..both used auto tranny's.

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new transam ram air > camaro >>>>> mustang


that is if they bring out the ram air.. i seen it in a magazine not too long ago.. hopefully they do.. thing is a BEAST!



lol that not happening. Pontiac went out of Business remember.

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true.. but that does not mean that they still wont bring out their badass muscle cars... maybe just maybe...


















BEASTLY!!! i think i are in teh love wub.gif

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pontiac is 100% gone, no more new cars(unless miracle occurs)






but i will admit, that ram air is tits.



mustang>camaro. dont start this crap lol


bowtie bitch vs blue oval


pretty much ..


.. little boys wear bowties.

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