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really what is it with u guys think all we do is eat crumpets n drink tea.


I haven't had a crumpet in about 12 years! ...Although, they are fcking tasty tings. N i don't drink tea!


now go eat some cheezburgers with some extra cheese, fatty.

Sorry, fish and chips. And I'm fit as a fiddle. Besides my naturally high metabolism, I work out three times a week. And yes I LOVE cheeseburgers, especially $8+ gourmet ones with bleu cheese and bacon, and a good ale if possible. Yummy! Don't you like American stuff like that? I've been reading this blog about American and British stereotypes. Both sides weighing in, it's pretty interesting. http://ask.metafilter.com/27389/Why-do-Americans-have-such-odd-ideas-about-the-British


Of course you mean mac and cheeseburger



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by definition a stereotype is not always true, just true more often then not. And because you are so touchy on the subject it is downright hilarious to label you as a d&b raver that loves Sherlock Holmes.

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pics of what

The mac and cheeseburger...like macaroni and cheese?


lol i aint touchy on the subject, by the looks of your post above, it seems that you are! :p


but I was thinking, if you ain't fat, and you're teeth are not crooked, that means you ain't an american or british.., are you canadian?! eh?

Do we all sound like cowboys and game show hosts?

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I did post a pic

Oh, I'm at work and can't see most pictures.



Well sheeeeeeooooooot, dang gone it!! Aint that tha most cotten-pickin load of horse manure I ever did hear! You scurvy varmit! I'm gonna put me and my horse on this here canoe and cross the ocean and whoop your ass real quick-like, ya hear? I'ma hit you with so many rights you'll be beggin me for a left. Aaaaand we'll be right back after these messages!

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Speaking of cotton picking, did you hear that guy on cnn call obama the "cotton pickin president?"



Try English, it's a fantastic language if you learn how to spell and speak it properly! Only then I feel you might deem worthy for a scuffle. Now go back and jump into bed with your 14 cousins and your dear mama. :p


I have a feeling we may scare this guy off... haha

Uh do what? I reckon you don't realize the urgency of the sitch-iation hur. I'ma hit you so hard in the chest your shoulders are gonna touch.


It's okay. If he gets scared we can just offer him some tea and crumpets!

That would win me back.

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