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d15b2 dizzy help plz

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So i bought a b2 and it was blown so i got another gud block so im putting everything off my blown b2 on the gud block. the only thing left is the distributor. wil it only go in one way? i dont wana get way off time. also i dont know where the cam/head was when the guy before me took the distrib out? so will that affect me? or will it still go in the same way and then i just advance or retard the timing?

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why didnt you just pull the head with the dizzy?


anywhoo its good and gud



and it can go in two ways actually.. it has a kinda keyway looking thingie (soo technical for an engineering major right?) if you do it wrong it'll be 180 off i believe..


if you took it out.. then took head off.. then put that head on good block.. then put dizzy back in original head you should be fine in theory

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