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Is it more cost efficent to build a K20 or to turbo it?

09 Si

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I would say the best bang for the buck would be a turbo build. You can piece one together for a decent price, probably not have to do too much internal work, and only run a few pounds of boost while making a respectable amount of power. If you completely built the K20 for N/A to put up with those turbo'd K20's, your streetability would definitely go down. You'd be getting horrid gas mileage, and driving it would probably be unpleasant in the long run. You can keep a well tuned turbo'd car pretty quiet, and if you stay out of boost you won't even use much more gas.


This is all assuming that you mean a REAL N/A build, and not just intake, a header, and exhaust. I don't count bolt-ons as a built car.


If it were me, I'd go the turbo/supercharger route. Just make sure you have the mods to keep it reliable if you do want to run more boost. Do your research, find out how much those blocks can hold. However, I'm sure cranny can help you out a lot more than I can with this.

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If I did NA it would be a lot more then just bolt ons thats for sure. I have heard a lot of people say go for the turbo set up though. I am kind of leaning towards it, would you use a turbo or a supercharger though? I had a supercharged car before this one and I loved it, but everyone says that a turbo would be a better boost

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its preference really. i wouldnt go n/a at all. it makes it hard to use as a DD.


if you liked the supercharger then go that route on the k20.


pm cranny and ask him, he has a turbo k swap in a ~01 civic

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