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My new 2000 gsr w/ b18c has idle issue

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So i sold my last 91 teg a few weeks ago, and last week i bought a 2000 GSR. 66k original miles, 40k miles on a B18c (w/power steering and a/c) a ITR front end, rota slipstreams and so much more (im working on pictures)


One problem i need to fix soon is my idle. It came with a massive throttle body. ( the guy i bought it from told me the big tb was causing the problems) And its killing me on idle, sometimes it idles high, sometimes lower, however never gets below 1100. If i hit v-tec or get around 5k and then come to a stop it pulsates from 1200 to 2000 rpm. When this happens i can shut it off and start back up and it resets. I think its a MAP problem with the new TB since its so big but i wanted a second thought. any ideas?


I was thinking about just buying a stock itr tb or one the same size. Would replacing the current one fix my idle problem?

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A hunting idle can have several causes, a large TB that hasn't been tuned for is one of them. Check for the usual vacuum leaks first then check to see if the TB has an idle air bypass adjustment. If not then you should hook up a DVOM to the idle air control valve and see what it is doing while the idle hunts. You should see a swing of voltage values (generally 0-5 VDC), that'll at least tell you that the ECU is trying to make the IAC work. Next thing to do is pull the IACV from the manifold and cycle the key in the ignition (turn key to "ON' but not start the car), you should see the valve inside move. The movement should be smooth, quick, without any sticking or strange noise. If it fails to move or doesn't move well then it can be cleaned with TB cleaner (or carb cleaner) and careful use of a small brush. If it still doesn't function then you'll have to replace it. It it works, it's clean, and the idle doesn't improve then you might want to consider putting on a stock TB and see if that helps.

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from what it sounds like the car is relativly stock? motor wise at least?




anyway I actually agree with blown, or its just a map/tps/tune issue



ive heard of many hondas that swap TBs and have quite a few problems.. and a lot of the time it doesnt help a significant amount, so if anyone go with blown and just put a stock TB back on

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