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h2b or h2d?

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Of course I was doing research for my ek h2b build and I came across someone building a f2d and I saw that the the f2d kit also fits the h series and will still fit in my car for about the same price.

Weighing the benefits of each side of the swap. here is what I have come up with.




More popular swap (hybrid wise)

Swaps in the car like a B series.

More support on parts and options like different h2b kits.

Easier to find a tranny with a lsd in it.

More options of gear set ups without building (ex itr, gsr, ls, b16 etc)



Gotta buy all the b series swap parts. (si shift linkage, b series axels etc)

Transmissions are more expensive, alot more abuse on tranny, harder to find.

More expensive cause of extra purchases like new mounts etc.

Gotta buy the L bracket for a b swap.




Swaps in car like a stock D series (for the most part)

The car already came with a d series so reusing of parts like shift linkage axels etc

Cheaper Transmissions

Much easier to find low milage, less beaten trannys.

Easier to find different gears and indiv. parts.

Uniqueness. I dont know anybody running h2d besides whats on the internet.



Less of gearing options (dx, ex, si setups)

"rumor" of weaker trannys.

Less aftermarket for d series

Gotta buy a aftermarket lsd for most trannys.


Both of the swap still have fitting issues like I gotta shave crank pulley, elimate the balance shafts, use a SOHC alternator. so I am still faced with that issue is just the question of which tranny to go with.


In my case. I got a friend back in GA willing to ship me d series shift linkage and tranny (either dx or ex cant remember) so if I go h2d I got it easy.


What do you guys think?

Feel free to add anything you know or wanna share.

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go h2b. the d series is weaker although not my much. so why limit yourself with reliability and gearing options. just get a b16a tranny. if your going turbo get a gsr tranny


the only thing with the b16a tran is 5 gear sucks bc you still tac high as hell. mine is tac like 4000 rpms going 70 or so...... but the gears are nices. for a na motor but for turbo gsr is what i would do

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