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ok so i think this is the right place to put this but if not then plz move it to were it goes but, so i have a b16a but i really want to do a b20vtec in my sol. i want to know what so of yall think about this. ive not seen anyone do it but i want to know what you all think. so here is the thing i want to do all motor....... i just want to be able to rape ppl with a all motor 4 cylinder so any help you all can give would be great

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^ i would love to know how and why the block always cracks then.. and people that boost them always resleeve them and they do fine but other people that dont resleeve get a cracked block..


please share.. huh

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the sleeves in a b20 are fine. dont beleve everything you read or that is spread. there is nothing wrong with them. same as a dam b18.


I ought to dig through your 6,000+ posts and find where you've said on a number of occasions that B20 sleeves are thin. For god's sakes they're a bored out b-series block are they not?

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