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Black paint

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Alright so to not jack speeddemons paint thread...Here's mine.


I've already got a GPB sol and I'm FINALLY looking into getting the body work and paint done on it. That's the only thing that embarrasses me about it.


I'll be keeping it black because I have no desire to strip the engine bay and jam it..With that being said what are some OEM black colors that I should possibly go with? It doesn't have to be a honda color either as long as it's a factory color because from what I've heard oem paints are cheaper...


Also, I'm not a huge fan of GBP it doesn't really have the depth I'd prefer..I'm personally contemplating going with the black paint on the audi S5's..


Thanks for the input guys!

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Subaru's Java Black Pearl.. Found on STI and WRX alike, of course. BEAUTIFUL when it's clean.


Honda's Nighthawk Black Pearl..


ah fk ben beat me to it.


+1 on the sti/wrx black pearl. just keep it clean and it is gorgeous


and its ok, thread jacking is common here. no biggie :D

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yeah I still haven't really decided yet, but I'm thinking the audi black..we'll see once I get to the body shop, still havent called my dads buddy for a shop refferal/hookup.

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