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Ok seeing as the horniness levels have spiked tremendously in the past few weeks, i would like to throw a suggestion out.


A VIP Room.


It can only be viewed by members that are logged in. No guests can view it at anytime.

Only members with a certain amount of posts can enter(while using a password) say 500-1000 posts?


this would be a place where the regulars could bs back and forth about things we normally cant in the forums.


no drug content

nothing that could get us all convicted(sorry ben)


maybe we could have the following sections?


naughty room

political debate room(yeah i know)

firearms and weapons discussion

VIP chatbox that is unlimited as in how many users are allowed



just thought i would throw this out as an idea. not asking for it to be done asap drew. just maybe look into it? i know its not easy. but maybe us regulars could donate to the cause of having a VIP room :D

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LOL @ no drug content. Sorry, but it's alright to talk about guns, but not about weed? wtf.


Good idea, but I think it'll kill the rest of the general discussion. Though it would be nice to have a place where all my posts ain't viewable by everyone on the whole internet, as I do talk some bullcrap every now n again (most of the time). I need to get my name changed i think...


i was referencing to illicit drugs. like actual drug use lol. kinda like "oh i bought this amazing meth the other day..." lol. nah it wouldnt kill the GD. this would be things that we couldnt get warned for. i know we talk dirty out here. but maybe we could have a section dedicated competely to positions, past experiences, tips and advice...lol.


i got a feeling it wont happen but i wish it would

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Yeah sorry, not going to happen.


This is a car enthusiast forum, not a porn site. 99,9% of the internet is porn anyway, so to get your fix you're going to have to go somewhere else.


Also, everyone has an IM so use that.

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