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DirecTV & Double Play

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I can't figure double play out. I've been so used to Verizon FiOS that something like Double Play seems so backwards. I hate the feature, possibly cause I have no clue how to use it, and just dont want to deal with it anymore. Thing is, once you start it, it seems you can't just stop it. Which is totally retarded cause now I can't freely switch between channels. I'm stuck on two channels in double play and when I try to go somewhere else it tells me to stop the feature. Selecting "Stop Double Play" does nothing - it just beeps at me like I have done something wrong. At one point I was able to just record more than 2 channels to bump out of double play and freely switch around different channels. Then after a while, it would start up automatically again. Now I can't even pull that trick off anymore. I have also tried shutting down the receiver for way more than 2 hours and when I get back on, the first two channels are automatically placed on double play and I'm stuck with those two. Like seriously, wtf?! It's really pissing me off. If anyone has a clue let me know cause I'm ready to just chuck my remote at the dish.

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