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brianeg2 and trae%eh6 photo shoot

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so we were just sitting here and wanted to take pics so here they are and we are both picture whores so sorry but check them on they are good i think








































hope you all like

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kinda messed up the IMG taggs there jesse.. but.. FIXED smile.gif



EDIT:: oh and for the record they would go in honda images.. but no worries a mod will move the thread more than likely, gives them something to do >:]

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because its mad jdm tyte yo!! lol


i have no idea why i hang things off the rear of my car, i just had a little panda one day and thought itd be pretty funny and just hung it on the back.. thats why i have all kinds of different stuffed animals on the back of my car usually laugh.gif


EDIT:: lol @ me standing on the rock.. i had just got done taking a piss ROFL!

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well im happy that my lip is starting to grow on you i really like it and so does brian and my wife but i will say more ppl hvae said they think it should be the same color than not but i do what makes me happy

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ohh a 96-97 front end. so nice


i too love the fvck sticker, not only does it convey the thought of having a damaged door, but it nicely suggests something to do with ones spare time.

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Sweet cars :D


where is the picture of you two?? lol


If this were two girls meeting up, there would be lots of girly side by side pictures lol


not likely. i hate my pics

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