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E Brake won't stay up, dirty fuel system?


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great.. another problem lol. my ebrake today i released and won't work now. i can pull it and hold it and it works, but won't stay up, and the racheting action is no longer there. it is cold where i am.. maybe just temporary? weird cuz its never happened before. should i take it to a shop? oh and one more thing... time to time in 2nd and 3rd gear in between 2000-3000 rpm, it kinda stops getting gas, put puts and boom it goes... n put puts... but i take it past 3k rpm n it's gone. do you think there's something clogging the fuel system? but if it was wouldn't it do that all the time? that's the only thing i can think of.. any ideas? thanks!

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check tension on your cables, if there is no tension there is no opposite pull, so it wont ratchet. as far as the power problem goes, could be timing, could be wires, plugs, or anything along those lines.

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