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Window Problem


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ok, I got a 94 LS with 2000 GSR motor.. my driver's side window is kinda fudged up. it works fine, it goes up and down, but it won't stay up all the way, it always leaves a small crack and doesn't make a complete seal so when i'm driving on the highway it makes that whistling noise which is annoying as shiet. also when i just hold it in up position, it doesn't know when to stop, when it reached the top, it keeps going and makes like gunshot noises (best way i can explain). how should i fix this problem? add a bigger seal on the top side so it doesn't have to go so far up to make a complete seal or tweak something internally within the panel?

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If your window just got placed you should call the company and complain to them if the window. It could be because it's cold outside and the window has frost and froze at the bottom you can try leaving it there untill the warm days and then try to open them. Whatever you do don't get frusterated and tr ying to push it all the way. if there is cold coming out try to close the room and don't let anyone come in these could also be problems because your window is old. Try to call a window company and ask them.



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the gears on the window regulator are skipping, some of the teeth have ground down. happened on both of my windows. the sound is the pressure building till it pops off one tooth



mm that sounds reasonable. what is the best way to fix this?

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