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Hello from PA


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Hey guys, names Ricardo. I'm 22, from the great state of PA. Was searching Google for a good synthetic oil to use for my Hondas/Acuras and came across this forum. Thought I'd join up. I'm a member of some other Honda/Acura forums, but rarely post. I hope to post here though. I have a '94 Acura Integra LS, mostly stock, and plan to keep it that way, it's my baby and daily driver. I just brought a '02 Acura RSX Type-S and I love it. It has the same feel as my '94 but better in so many ways. I plan to eventually boost it, but thats down the road.


Back in December, I brought an '89 Honda Civic DX with a JDM D15b. It was turbocharged running about 9 lbs of boost. It fracking flew! Unfortunately, it was stolen four days later, hence my username, haha. Police later found it and I do have it back with out the turbo, intercooler, ecu, etc. But I still have the motor/tranny and shell. I'm actually parting it out, so if anyone is interested let me know. Alot is still there.


Anyway, I hope to learn alot here, I'm actually going to school for auto tech and hope to open my own shop one day specializing in Hondas/Acuras.


Thanks for reading!

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Oh, I have no idea honestly. I don't wanna give you and I don't wanna give you a bs estimate either. It wasn't much, I know that but it accelerated hard since it was so light. I'm guessing in the range of 160-190 maybe?

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