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so need help


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My car has been out for the count for a good while. The transmission finally died. As we took trans out we found more things wrong. Lucky me the trans went out cause the 2 front cv joints were almost broken. So im replacing whatever needs changing and the replacement trans i bought didnt fit sooooooooo im starting the 5 speed swap. here's were i need help bare with me lol


So i heard sols that go from auto to 5 speed need a special or new mount for the tranny. I have a standard transmission from a civic but mounts dont match up. I just need know where i could order this mount from!? every time i try and look for a part its the wrong one and im pretty sick of that lol. Just plz! someone let me know what mount i can use and where i can order the shift linkage for the sol :] hopefully the civic trans i got will work! ahah

-_- TY srry for random thread lol, but i dont wanna trade the sol for a 240, crx, 3000gt, camaro, civic. im keepin the sol!

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the car was bought with that trans bro. i dont even "beat" on it like "every other kid" it got me to school and it got me to work, why would i race a single cam automatic 1.6 del sol? get your facts straight.

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