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Timing Belt Replacement


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My son's '94 Civic started leaking water.

The water pump is the problem, might as well do the timing belt too.

Looked the problem up in a HAYNES manual for '92-'95 Hondas... Civic and del Sol book number 42024


The book incorrectly shows on page 2A-13 figure 10.15 a large water pump pully at the top? of the motor.

then in figure 10.18d shows the correct water pump within the timing cover.


Figure 10.13 on the same page shows how to wedge a screwdriver between the flywheel and bell housing

which you cannot do with the 4 speed auto transmission.


There is no "hex shaped" indentation in the crank pulley surrounding the crank bolt...

So I can't justify buying a pretty new tool... @%##$%!

Whats the best way to remove the crank bolt? I planned on using an impact wrench and socket.

How do I keep the Crank from turning while I Break loose the Crank pulley bolt?


Sparkplug #1 was in crappy shape... looked like the top electrode had been put in an acid bath,

about 35% of it was gone...barely enough left to fuction as a sparkplug, #2 is frozen in the head,

used penetrating oil overnight. Was able to loosen it out about 1 turn, went back and forth 5-6 times.

Will try longer than 10" ratchet today after it's overnight soak...#3 & #4 ok with nominal wear.


Can anyone reccomend a GOOD Quality Honda repair manual? Like the quality of a Bentley Maunal?

Haynes manuals seem to be one step above Haines underwear.


Thanks allot for any help

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B7 OR Z6?


you could try the string trick if you want to keep the crank from rotating (#1 @ BDC, then fill #1 with 1 long piece of string, then once its full slowly rotate the crank untill the compressed mass of string keeps the crank from turning) or pending what pulley you have (the hex indent or the holey one) you can keep the crank from rotating by pinning the crank pulley on the block.


Also if I remeber right the bellhousing doesnt completely surround the trans, there should be an inspection port (next to the oil pan) that is a dust shield that you can remove and pin the transmission that way. Ive had no problems with my haynes manual, and actually gave it to my neighbor who used it to rebuild a z6 completely, and swap the blown b7 that was in his car and put in the z6 he built (with a little.. well alot of guidence actually).

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