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FOG Lamps indicator query


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Dear All

I have installed aftermarket Fog lamps in my Civic 8gn today, everything was plugged in the original clips & jacks. lights are working great, the kit came with a on / off button. . in short everything is fine, but i have only one small query. there are FOG lamp indicators available in the meter which turned ON when you turn on the Fog lamps. (in company fitted models).


now my problem is that when everything is plugged in the original positions why my indicators are not turning ON when i turned on the Fog lamps, is there any wiring missing or connection. i really need to activate the meter indicator :)

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um... wha? ???


You mean the idiot light in the instrument cluster? Well... did you wire it to the cluster and install a bulb?




well, yes gogo i am talking about the two stupid lights :) in the instrument cluster. i dont think we need to install bulbs in the RPM meter. we just need to send the signal through wiring that FOG lights are connected and ON.

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