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This is the list of mods I have on my engine. Well its a little long so im gonna break it up in pieces



*Taisen Titanium Retainers

*Taisen Stainless Steel Valves

*Taisen Valve Springs

*Taisen Camshafts

*Taisen Cam Gears



Toda racing stroker kit 16.L to 1.8L which includes:

*Toda Racing Forged Pistons 11.0:1

*Toda Racing Forged Piston Rings

*Toda Racing Forged Crank

*Toda Racing Rods




*B18C5 Tranny



Thats it as far as internals go. Now for the bolt ons I have:

*Taisen Power Pulley

*Taisen Fuel Rail

*Skunk2 Header

*Skunk2 Intake Manifold (P&P)


*Venom Fuel Injectors

*Injen Cold Air Intake

*ACT Clutch

*Comptech Sport Flywheel

*Fuel Pump

*AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator

*HKS exhaust

*NGK Spark Plugs

*Magnecor Spark Plug Wires




Those are the mods I have on my B16A engine it took me a while to build it but it runs good. Tell me what you think.

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:o TrueSi.... You saying you lied to that 99' Cobra that you beat 3 weeks ago that you told him you were stock....hehe


You guys should've seen the look on that face when will just kept pullin :D


hehe... maybe I'll catch up to you soon will... maybe :(

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Talleywacker, I think that the chances of you catchin up to me are very few if not none the only way you can catch up to me is if im standing still hehe.

Yeah I've put quite a few pennys into it but I think its worth it tho. ;)

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