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Need a clutch


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Have read from you experienced types that a better quality clutch can be purchased for same $$ as a std Honda factory replacement.


Mine started slipping this AM on way into work so am in the mkt.


Recommendations and sources please. If you should know a ballpark price, that would be appreciated too. Have no HP mods now or planned, a pure commute vehicle looking for longevity and mileage.



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for the rex?


just get a package kit. either stage one or two...... clutch,pressure plate, flywheel, throw out bearing, pilot bearing


brands to look for are ACT,fidanza (flywheel), exedy, and so on

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Many thanks for the link............quite an interesting perusal. Looks like the nice folks around town would politely rip me off via more $$ and less quality/longevity.


I monkeyed around after talking to a few mech typs today and adjusted my clutch a bit. Have it right on the edge I think. Will see what transpires tomorrow. May have dodged the bullet for a few more miles.


Again, thanks for the eye opener and time to reply.

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