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sohc zc


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i got a 93 sol with a sohc zc

was wondering whats the best bang for the buck


whats done to the car-

-oil flush

-royal purple oil

-bg44k fuel additive

-bg intake cleaner cleans all the lines out

-short ram intake

-upper front sway bar


-punched out cat.

-some cheap muffler

-all disk brakes

-short shifter



so what would be the next best thing to do thats cheap to gain torque and hp

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well first off what you have done doesn't do much.. and if you had an Si it came with 4 wheel disc brakes stock so that wont help anything unless you get better brakes and SS braided lines


i would get a header and a real exhaust made with a highflow cat.. after that a real CAI might help it a bit


besides that flywheel/clutch is always a good improvement and not too pricey.. also through in some good fluid and a SS braided clutch line


lowering the car and sway bars are also not going to help with hp and what not.. maybe help take a turn but we don't know WHAT suspension you have.. if its something ghetto like cut springs you made your car ride like crap for nothing IMO




when you talk about hondas there really are not many things to do that are just bolt on to get a lot of hp.. its not like an ls1 or 302 where its ridiculously easy to make power... hondas were made to be reliable.. not so much race cars IMO


so if you want a lot of power.. you'll probably have to swap/turbo/build.. you could just bolt on a turbo kit and get it tuned but you wont be able to push much boost and depending on miles you have on the motor it wouldn't be a great idea cause the rings will be worn and you might as well build the whole thing

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