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FS: BNIB Eibach Pro Springs (92-95 hatch)


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I have not been on here in some time. I sold my flat 95 Si


....and bought a 2002 Ep with a K20a swap and 6 spd tranny



Then my father passed away and left me a nearly Brand new bass boat so the civic had to go and i piocked up a 2007 tahoe LT3





....just thought a timeline of how I moved from the Si was needed to explain my MIA.




I now need to sell a Brand new in TireRack Box only opened to take pics of what is inside, Eibach Pro kit springs.









$135 shipped 48US








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Pretty good deal, good luck, should move fast!\




Sorry to hear about your dad! >_<



My dad committed suicide on his birthday Feb. 2nd of last year, and I didn't find out about it til Feb.11 th on my birthday! :(

Damn that is awful


My father had stage 4 cancer in his Esophagus, Small intestine , and Liver.....he went in to have a baseball sized tumor removed from his throat to allow him to swallow whole foods when he developed pneumonia. I left the hospital a 12:15 am and was called back at 1:15 that there was an emergency and I needed to return.....he had passed. He was 53.


Here is the boat that he left me....




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sorry to hear that. my last real grandpa died last year on 6/7/08. had 6 different kinds of cancer. all stage 3 or higher. he had baseball sized lumps all over him.



but im sure we all can agree on one thing about your dad


he had some damn good taste in bass boats :D

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