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lol scarf.

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Anyway, see the chick in my sig? A few months back, we were pretty tight. We always hung out, chilled, talked, and was even cool with her parents and little sister. Here's where it gets bad. Her sister had a crush on me, knowing I don't want to date her, and that I already have a girlfriend. THEN the other chick ended up having a crush on me. wtf.


Long story short, sister stalks me, annoys me, etc. then cries to the point where she tells her mom and sister saying I called her a bitch and etc. then the mom and rest kept calling me after two months of not talking to them.


That scarf, they gave to me. Haven't worn it since the beginning of December, and I found it today. lol.


Sig from another forum:



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I can see where a piece of cloth is so dangerous and illegal, whereas brian's sol shooting parks from underneath it wouldn't get a citation. (no offense to anything, just using you as an example). If that's really a law, it's fracking ridiculous.

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