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my build so far

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this is the car im using for some parts to fix what the owner b4 me had done to this lude


had to replace this whole front clip besides the bumper kuz the last owner decided to try and rally the car through a forest or some b/s like that.


new trunk lid do to rust and dents.

img-resized.png Reduced: 90% of original size [ 709 x 543 ] - Click to view full image0703090621.jpg

this front bumper i had to do extensive fiberglass repairs, took my whole weekend to finish it, was prty f 'n REEEEDONCULOUSE!!!


this is what my egine bay looked like when i bought the car.


this is what it looks like now.


these were what came on the lude when i bought, these tucked the wheel gap better but they look mad gay when there on i think


and these i bought off of a friend they look alot better but theres a gap, like allmost my whole fist could fit between it(GAY??), but i cant slam it kuz of my front bumper alrdy sits about 2.5"-3.5" off the ground.

so the only way i can think of is go with a 18" wheel kuz these are 16's with about a 3"sidewall on the tires.


or ill just w8 til i finish the bdy kit and then start messin with the gap and what not. idk, any suggestions?




future plans:

1.either swap a b18c or h22 vtec

2. all round suspension havent decided on what brand to go with yet, suggestions are welcome

3. either going to go pure n/a or boost depending on what motor i use

4.going to try and convert the headlights so there not flip ups (there so gay looking i think) if thats even possible i would sure like to no how i could do that or if its even possible, b4 i even try that kind of work

5.redo the whole interior prob go with a black leather with dark yellow stitch or red

6.finish my body kit so it flows properly

7.going to get ready to strip my paint and bondo thoughs dents up and then repaint the bitch either a nice dark metallic blue or a dark yellow like a orangish yellow



thats it so far, if you have any suggestions as to what i should do as far as certain setups your more than welcome to post em up. please post up your negative and your positive comments as to thoughs are welcome here. basically gimme your best shot in a nut shell i can take it i promise HAHA!!!

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itll be a yellow black scheme, sitting on idk what kind of wheels yet just black with a polished lip, do a black interior with yellow stitch work etc. usally when it comes to fine details like that ill sit down and plan it ahead of time b4 i actually do it just to see if it flows with the project im working on atm.

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well i trust it may look sick


i just cant stand yellow vehicles


honestly cant thing of one thing that looks good in yellow

(outside of lambos or things like that, they look good if you threw snit on it)


bumble bee camaros and evos.

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im actually going to go with the blue and white scheme i have goin on with my engine bay sept the car will be much darker sitting 18" wheel hopefully i can find a set of 5 spoke or another 7 like mine just black with a polished lip think that would set it off prty nice

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thanks guys, so far my lil project is on a pause 1ce again do to bills :rant: but hey thats life but the next thing im going to do to it is sand her down then bondo a couple spots up and then prime it up then finish the bdy kit then reprime it and then slap a dark blue paint...




hopefully i can get back on it n the next 2-3weaks when i get caught up on bills

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if they are big spots do some fiberglass first, then a light coat of bondo. follow with 600 grit sanding,then paint

when i finish the bdy kit i thought about fiberglassing them into the rest of the car for a seamless look but hey thats just me


and theres only 1 dent that may need that done and its right next to my gas cover. its not like rly big or anything but i dont want to be using a sh!t ton of bondo to where it looks like some 1 had tried to make a cake out of my car you no.

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newest add on roflzor had to buy a new slave cyl and a new CMC and now i get to replace my hydraulic hose coming from the slave today woopdeeefreeegindoooooo.


im also thinking about selling my car idk yet prob w8 til i get the bdy kit done or ill just find a oem bump and then sell it idk yet kinda not digging this project car anymore i want some newer. maybe a sol or a hatch or maybe a wrx sti idk

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