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Inconsistant Idle

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I have a honda civic dx i had got for free with a warped head. So i machined the head, replaced all the gaskets, ect. But now the idle is really inconsistant. I don't know if it was like this before, cause when i got the car it didn't run. I dont have a tach, so its only an guesstimate. The idle will go from like 500rpm-1500rpm back to 500 and so on. only when it is in either park or neutral. when it is in gear its at a higher idle like maybe 1200rpm. if its an idle air control valve can someone help me find where its located so i can clean it. thanks

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does the b20 a3 carburated 1988 honda prelude have one of these because im having the same problems


injected only i believe and have you tried to clean or rebuild your carbs??? could prob need new jets in it or possibly new floats.





and this prob pertains to what i have as well but i no what mine is i just dont have the money to fix it atm so i just deal with it for the moment. and mine actually is a mixture of a couple dif things i need new o2's new egrv, and i guess my mapS is going out from what the mech said to me when they extracted my codes, but i think i found my problem i have a missing gasket from my therm housing so i do believe its sucking in air from there and causing a bubble in the motor witch will make it have a pulsing idle.....

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well i dont really know any mechanic that would even want to touch those carbs because of their complexity. but ii just replaced my o2 sensor and i dont evn know if my model has a map sensor? lol... but idk im kinda just waiting for this car to die cause i want a new project lol its got 187xxx miles on it

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sry for the thread jack there guy...



you could try a new fuel filter that will help a bit also change your air filter that could be all dirty or just str8 shot to hell witch could be causing air constriction to your motor...



so just take the air filter off for the moment and see if that helps out and if it does just throw a SRI or a CAI, and 1 other thing i can think of is your vacuum advance might be bad or is just a little clogged up, and have you tried fittling around with your idle set screw might of gotten to loose or to tight witch might of threw your idle off. just a couple ideas for you to try out...



lmk if any of thoughs work out for you if not then get new carbs and vacuum lines as well.


but usually pulsing idles are just vacuum leaks or clogged up. all it takes is 1 little itty bitty crack or pinhole to make that shiz fuk with your motor

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