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Selling Current Setup. . . Getting stupid with the next one


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Well, I sold my SX 18 for 400.00 (80.00 more then i paid for it hahaha) and have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out my next set up. . . then the light went off


Next install. . .







Just to give you an idea of the size of this thing. . .




Next to a 18" cone. .


HAHAHAH. . . told you. . .stupid. . I know. . but I cant resist!!!!!


Sub will be going in a 10 cu^ft box. . roughly 144 sq inches of port tuned @ 30-34hz. . .


Build log to come soon

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That thing is sick, I dont think i could fit it in my trunk without a box lol. Whats the wattage


It uses the Death Penalty motor so its only 1500 RMS to push it.


Im going to try it on 1500 watts at first, then move up to 3k to see how much it can take. Im a little worried about buckling the cone. . but hell, thats what re-cones are for lol

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