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Manual Transmission


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I have an 01 ex, bone stock right now. I bought the car at 168k miles, its a pretty seasoned car, and I think i fracked up a synchronizer, every time i shift from 2nd to 3rd it sounds like when you grind the gears. If i take it easy and ease it into gear it doesn't do it. I dont know when the last time the tranny was flushed and i was wondering what viscosity oil to use. I've heard to use amsoil synchromesh or some crap like that but then the dude at autozone said just to use 10w-40 motor oil. Im thinkin i need some better crap because of my 2nd to 3rd problem but im not sure, any advice is much appreciated.

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i've heard that penzoil/gm synchromesh and redline mtf are what people have had the best luck with postponing trasmission work. but if you are starting to grind as bad as it sounds, then i think you are at the point when you need to start replacing stuff.

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