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Wicked front camber kit???

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I bought a wicked tuning front camber kit, all the post i've looked at said that wicked's rear camber kits are fine, but i haven't seen anything about the front which makes me think they are no good, i want to put them on a 98 integra, this is what they look like, so i want to know yes or no?


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i know a few honda race cars use Wicked Tunings Race line, so they do make a good product.


check this thread out for a little more insight click



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hey just a question that really has nothing to do with ur question but do you need a new camber kit if you put in lowering springs? i ordered some tein s. tech springs and the guy asked if i wanted to buy a camber kit with that also, so i wondered if i needed a camber kit with springs...ive never heard of that though. and i didnt think to ask the guy...haha

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I think alot of people overbuild their suspensions adding things that hurt handling if not properly setup. I understand and see the use of a camber kit to correct the tire wear on lowered cars and thats fine. However be careful with front camber in a FWD car to much neg or positive will change your contact patch you will wear uneven you will loose breaking and the ability to put down power aside from in hard corners.

wow just looked at the date on this sorry for bringing back an old thread.

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you dont NEED it.. but i would get one because 90% of the time your tires will wear horribly uneven if you dont


Well remember, there is more than one reason to get a camber kit.


The reason known to most people is just to straighten the suspension again after lowering the car so you can have even tire wear like you said.


But negative camber, from lowering the car, when dialed in correctly, can GREATLY enhance handling and cornering speed.

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