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Hiemsnox's Progress Thread


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ok so as some as you know i recently came upon a 93 del sol SI with a B18C and LSD tranny.


So i'll re-post pics for records







omg BLURRY!!!










and here is a few extra parts that came with it













OK so heres the funny part



while i was working on the wheel bearing we got bored since we didnt have a press ready until a few days











i gotta move the radiator back to the correct position




and the downpipe ends right there haha... need to weld the rest on







ok thats it for now... more to come... i still need a few more parts, and trying to find where all the oil lines and vacume lines go....

(the pan is already tapped)

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so after searching for the ??? bearing that should fit in the ??? spindle i found out that the bearing that i got the first time was the wrong one in the right packaging and so now i'm on my way getting this car rolling!!!

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so pondering over finances and all that jazz it looks like ill be ordering


2 wheel bearing

1 complete bushing kit from Energy Suspension

(front U/L control arm bushing)

(rear lower control arm bushing)

(front shock mount bushing)

(rear shock mount bushing)

(steering rack bushing)

(transmission shifter stabilizer bushing)

(ball joint end boots)

(tie rod end boots)


1 set of rear trailing arm bushing from ES

1 front swap bar end links from ES

1 set of lower motor mounts from ES


and i have also

2 new ball joints from Moog on the list but im not sure if ill need em

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so as the car stands, i was able to install the turbo and hook up the oil lines after making a few at the shop. took it for a quick up and down the street with just a open downpipe, and let me say this




i still need to get it tuned and a correct spring for the wastegate...and to see what its like to build boost....i never let it go past 0 on the boost gauge.



and suspension wise, i have the driver side spindle off right now, i got the new bearing in last night and today im going to try to get the new ball joint in and get out the bad axle...




and word of warning... i tried playing the cheap game and bought a downpipe off ebay since i didnt have one and lets just say it doesnt fit in 4 different ways.. so ill be trying to get my money back if i can.


but i took a bunch of old piping and a t3 flange and welded together a pipe last night that will work until i can find a real downpipe...any sugestions?

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well i know no one really comments on this but i still like to keep everyone updated.


well yesterday i got the coolant lines hooked up to the turbo, finished installing the new axles and ball joints and also got new non locking lug nuts for all the wheels,


so i let the car warm up for about 10 mins, took it on a up and down the street test drive, everything seems to work fine then let it sit again, checking to make sure there was no leaks anywhere, everything still running fine.... although it seems like no coolant ever fills up the main coolant hoses that come off the radiator, even after i drove it a couple of miles.... never over heats though..



so then on another test drive i here this PING!!! then exhaust leak... o NOES!!!



so after trying to find out where it was coming from... i look at the turbo and near the top oil inlet i noticed some blackish powder looking residue... and low and behold.... i think i blew the turbo seal.... cause it would also explain why i blow so much white blueish smoke whenever i was shifting....


so now i gotta figure out if i want send the turbo away to get rebuilt, or to buy another one..... or take all the turbo stuff off and wait till next summer to try again.



what do u guys think... also i think i can get it rebuilt for about 200... but even though i never really budgeted a turbo rebuild into my total expensises so im not sure how soon i can afford to do so...

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sounds like your having some fun with this project eh.


for turbo rebuild i kno there is a place that sells good rebuild kits at a decent price. guess its a way for you to learn more about turbos and whatnot. ill have to find the site but ill post it when i do find it.

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That sucks dude. Only do it if it's in your budget, otherwise IMO wait it out and save up.


yup except for the 2 oil lines which im getting done today after i get a AN line wrench to get off the 2 oil lines the car will be back to N/A today... thats if the rain stops.


i think im going to save up and work on the body for now and maybe next spring ill start trying the turbo again.




on the other side though... it has a electrical problem right now and im not entirely sure where to start looking.... when you turn on the head lights the running front/back and interior lights do not work because the fuse blows instantly....so anyone have a idea where to start looking for shorts?

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so the other night i got the oil lines removed and the oil pressure unit reinstalled and got the car back out on the road again. Put about 75 miles on it too...


this was the most driving this car has seen since i brought it home. and as far as needed new tires and a alignment like no other... it drives pretty d@mn good!!!


much much much more power and feel compared to the d16z6 with a auto.


Im really excited to see what i can do with this car! just gotta get started on the body work now, removing rust and dents and what not... and a paint job sometime soon...hopefully!



also i was about to put on my full exhaust yesterday! had to cut about 6 inches out of it and re-weld it to make it fit but its not bad really...

Its a megan racing test pipe with fiberglass inside, 2.5in mandrel bent thick stainless steel with a fiberglass filled resonator built in mid pipe and a decent muffler... Tsudo...i think... anyone ever heard of that???? well anyways it doesnt sound half bad and it has a really nice rumble when cruising in 5th down streets... almost close to a crappy wrx exhaust! lol

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