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Newby with O2 issue


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Hey all, just got a new Del Sol this past weekend (94 vtec si). I think I got a good deal. $1400, 148k miles, needs a paint job and has a small dent in front fender. No oil leaks, new timing belt, battery, tires and many other items.


The engine light is on and indicates to oxygen sensor is the culprit. Also, the SRS light is on...not sure what that is about yet.


Is there a thread with info about changing the O2 sensor?


I plan to drop it, paint it, exhaust, intake, plugs and wires to start. Any other suggestions for getting started with the daily driver build up?


Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.

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first off welcome to the forums,


as far as O2 replacement goes... just be careful when trying to pull it out... on these old manifolds and if you have the original O2 there is a good chance that the sleeve with the threading will break off and get stuck in the O2 bung hole....aka... thats what happened to me. so i had buy after market headers cause of that.


and the SRS is the air bag... my light is on too.. kinda of a common problem with older honda's...


other than that it sounds like you got a great deal and i just hope you take care of that del sol since theres not many left anymore

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welcome :) congrats on the car...any pics?


You have to change O2 sensor and I suggest OEM. Search for threads on O2 replacement or google search it...there are lots.


The SRS light is important! That means there is something wrong. I'd think it's a circuit issue. Research this and ask the old owner why it came on and when!


good plans you have! :D

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www.sparkplugs.com for your O2 sensor. They sell a special socket called an O2 sensor socket that fits on the circuit over the wire. The SRS light is a major concern, and you'll most likely have to run it to the dealer so they can pull the codes out.

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Another option for the O2 sensor is to go to Autozone, buy the sensor, rent the tool (take your own 3/8" ratchet, no sockets needed), open the hood, follow the exhaust out of the motor to the O2 bung where the senson is screwed in, swap it, take the tool back in for your rental fee back. That's what I did. Took longer to stand in line than anything else.



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Why bother with a ratchet? just use a crescent wrench to break it loose and then you should be able to get it out with your fingers. Tighten the new one in as far as you can with your fingers, then go a bit farther with the wrench. Just needs to be snug enough that it doesn't leak. It doesn't take much.

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