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94 GSR Sol for sale

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My 94 GSR Sol is for sale


GSR Engine, runs great

193,000 miles on the car

16" Riax rims w/ Toyo lo-pro tires

Stock Exhaust put back on

Car is lowered

Clear 1 piece head lights

Smoked out tail lights, stock tail lights are also included.


Needs a little bit of paint, car came with a scratch on the passenger side behind the door.

Driver side door only opens from the outside, passenger side door doesn't unlock with the key (always been like this)


Windshield has a crack on the passenger side, will replace if necessary.

Gauge bezel has a crack from a tach that was put in and fell over


$4000 or best offer






Located in CT

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I'm selling it because I'm tired of the headaches I'm getting from it/for it.


I keep getting pulled over now - after 2 years and the exhaust fixed back to stock (after a $225 fine that's still pending and $300 to get it fixed) - and a flat tire the other day....


The flat tire pushed me over the edge, really. Out of everything that went, I'd rather have replaced the windshield (even though it doesn't *need replacing*, I'm just fed up with everything).


It's a pretty quick car, no lies about it. I was ready to sell it after I got pulled over for the exhaust and slapped with an overpriced charge plus fixing it, and yeah. I'm engaged as well and me and the wifey need something that can hold more than just 2 ppl. We have the civic, but we also need another car.


I forgot to mention I have a gauge pillar and 2 gauges for the Sol as well (voltage and air/fuel ratio), and angel eye fog lights. I have someone interested already (I knew this would be a quick and painful process), but not sure if it's gonna go thru or not. She's still a fun ride to drive, just tired of putting $$ into it (tho it's just the tires at this point).


Other things that have been done - oil changes have been kept up to date.

Driver side tie rod and ball joint have been replaced, passenger side control arm has been replaced and a 4 wheel alignment. I put over $2000 into the car, and paid $5000 for it. I just don't have the time and $$ to do what I want with it, and it's a shame because I do love this car. Not a lot needs to be put into it, but I'm fed up with being pulled over, having issues pulling into certain places with it, and so on. She's a quick ride for what it is, but yeah. You all know how it goes.

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