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thinking about a honda


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i am wanting to get this honda accord 99 coupe with a 4cylinder in it i know some come with a 6cylinder.

my question is what 6cyl. will i need to do a direct swap. and what all would i need to do the swap.Like tranns,engine,ecu,wire harness.


what model does engine the 4 have and what model engine do i need or will be a direct bolt in swap.


i have a chevy right now but want to get into hondas.

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It would make much more sense to just buy a V6 accord if you really want one. You will end up paying more for the v6 swap. I dont know why you would want the v6 anyway; those trannys are absolute crap. They only came in automatic and go bad a lot.

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accord hugh??? good luck but i would say just look around for the v6 and upgrade the tranny with the money you would have used for the swap in the first place... then once you do that just have fun with what you think is going to look and do good for your car engine wise and body.

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Stay away from all of the auto tranny's from that model/generation....even the 4cyl auto tranny's. Honda redesigned their tranny for that car so that it would shift smoother. Problem is that due to the design to make it shift smoother, the tranny's fail a lot on those. Not uncommon to find people who had one with 40k-60k miles and have the tranny go out. The manual transmissions from that year are fine though so no worries.

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