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Looking for an exhaust.


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well im looking for an exhaust for the si. i dont want any damn weed eater sound. i would prefer not to pay an arm and a leg but i know price=quality. but ok heres what its for if you didnt read the title


92 civic si hatchback.



ive looked into the custom exhaust by our muffler shops. they want 350 for stainless steel


so far ive came up with this:


Apexi N1 catback exhaust




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just get new 2.25" piping from the cat to the rear axle section and get a OEM gsr axle back.


never thought of that..hmm u know where i can get an oem gsr axleback?

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well i need one asap cause now i have a huge hole in the pipe just before the muffler. but i have one issue, when i heard it push the hole the rest of the way through i lost a good bit of power. does this usually happen?

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