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aiight i know someone will have a good site for this question.... where do i get the complete wiring set up for a b18C1 at? see i found a b18c1 motor and tranny with 60,000 miles for $1,500 and it is close enough for me to drive and go pick up so no shipping but yet i dont know how much the ecu and wiring is gonna set me back... and can some one give me the exact code/name for what i would need to look up?

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$1500 isn't bad if you can get the ecu, mounts, and shifting linkage cheap. sometimes it cost more to get all the stuff to get it running.

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well the motor will be going in a 1991 acura integra.... it currently has just the stock b18 in it... i was wondering if the motor mounts will transfer? can i use the motor mounts from my b18 for the b18c im thinking yes but not really sure... i have been looking and i think the ecu code i need is a p72 but i am seeing OBD1 and OBD2 ecu and wondering if someone can tell me the best ecu i need and if you know where to get one a link would be great so i can put my eyes on something and be able to remember it... the engine that i found for 1500 is close enough for me to drive and get... it comes with engine transmission wiring harness one motor mount is broken and no ecu .... does this sound like a decent deal to you all? i been price comparing and it seems to be to me but not 100% sure would like any and all input... feel free to respond positively or negatively.... i know this is a long post but i have also seen in super street a guy bought a honda integra and dropped a b16 in it... for the pros and cons which one would be a better swap... a b16 or a b18c?

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def. the c1 more hp/tq also higher redline all around better and try craigslist.org you can get a p72 for like 100 but you can use any vtec ecu i have a p30 on my ls/vtec but 1500 is awsome the go for 4,000 ++


and the mounts are the same

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