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impact, compressor need to know if it will work


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So, when my grandpa passed away he had a compressor in his garage. It is an old compressor but still works. It has half a horse, and goes up to 100 psi. It does not say, at least in the dark I can look again in the morning, how big the tank is, I kno it is at least 3 to 4 gallon so it looks. Would this be suitable enough to buy an impact gun. I would not be using it continously, just like for the big bolts and stuff, I woudl nto even use it for lugs most likly. I really would just like to have one for if I need one on a tough bolt. Thanks in advance.

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Impact guns tend to need 90 psi, so you should be fine. You'll probably only get about 30 seconds of full power before it needs to pump itself back up again, but it'll be plenty for small jobs. One of my friends has one like that and it works plenty well for some basic stuff. Earplugs might be a good idea though.

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borrow an impact gun and try it. If it doesn't work well, then don't bother to buy one. A good test would be axle nuts or crank pulley bolt. After that, a/c bracket bolts or other mount bracket bolts would be the toughest. If you dont know anyone to borrow from, just buy one at walmart and then return it. lol

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