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Adding power steering


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hi everyone. i just signed up for this website, mostly for one question.

i am going to look at a 98 honda civic hatchback CX tomorrow to buy. the only problem is it doesnt have power steering. does it suck driving these cars without it?

and how much does someone think it would cost to have a dealership install power steering into this civic? all feedback is appreciated.

thank you



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If the car is designed to be driven without powersteering, it won't be difficult. However, if a car is designed to be used with powersteering and you try to run it without it, it will be a little more difficult. Either way, you get used to it just like anything else. As far as the price...If you really planned on taking it to a dealership to have them install powersteering, you might just want to look at another car. For the amount they would charge you for parts and labor, you could easily get a different car with powersteering and save yourself a good deal of trouble.

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thing is that it was an option to have it or not on these hatches from the dealer.

but its really not that bad, only when you first start driving with it.

and at faster speeds you wont even notice it at all.

i personally like no power steering better.

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