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Hi guys! I am Sandy!


--I am a newbie here... And I'm looking forward in meeting new friends in here as I learn new informations about cars..


I want to buy a car but I don't know what suits me.. I am just simple but I want a cool car.. I also want one that will last longer than any other cars.. Any suggestions?!


~Thanks! And I'm glad to join this forum! :huggles:

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hey welcome to the family!!! :happy:


well it depends on what you want/need and what you like... like alot of girls think del sols are cute but they only have 2 seats..


do you want to have room to take alot of people around with you or no?

how much are you looking at spending?


you have to look at the pros and cons of what you want/need to get.. like a good thing about having a 4 door is you can take people around but the bad side to it is that lots of people will ask you for rides, thats why i like my sol so much.. "nope sorry guy i only got 2 seats buddy" :p






since youre a female and allison wont ask...









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Welcome to the forums. ^Pretty much hit the nail, and as long as it's a Honda it will run forever with basic care.


God I love my Honda.

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Welcome to HF. I'm Ryan or wbs.


Brian summed it up. Post more of what you want in a car and we can be more helpful. Can't go wrong with Honda, but specifics are key. Also, what's your price range?


Enjoy your stay.

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