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mini me swap


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ok i need some help on my mini me swap. i have a d15b8 block on my civic cx. i wanted to do a mini me swap so i bought a d16z6 head and intake manifold and dissy. i took the old head and intake manifold and dizzy off and put the new ones on. i also got a p28 ecu.after putting all the things on the car is running like crap. acually it really isnt running at all. my timing on my head and block are correct and my timing on my dissy is correct. these are the problems:


its getting really hot- water pump worked before but now seems like its not circulating......i removed the thermostat and i still dont see the bubling in the radiator that you should if you pump is working.also the hose going into the front of the head is hot and the hose coming out of the thermostat is cold. wondering if the head gasket i put on is the problem?



#2- its running really crappy. really low idle barelly keeps running.


also theres a vacume hose on the back that connects to your purge control solenoid valve and if you connect that hose the car shuts off...unless you give it a enourmouse amount of gas.



just wondering if these things are an easy fix.


ANY HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i heard somewere that if you put a d16z6 head on d15b8 block that your timing will always be a half tooth off and you will have to use either a d15b8 or an adjustable cam gear.....is this correct?


i replaced the head gasket with the d15b8... removed the thermostat.. and it doesnt seem to be getting hot.. i took it to a mechanic to have a diagnostic test on it and it said the IAC valve was bad and that i needed to hard wire my map sensor in..........


i switched computers to the p28 so i ran the wires to d17 d19 and d21 but the were already wires in those slots............ im really confused i dont know what the wires that are already there go to, so i spliced them and ran the map sensor in with the already existing wires............ still running crapty...


i also went to the junkyard and got a IAC valve.....seems to be idleing better but when i drive it, it loses almost all power and has no response at 2000 rpm.......you have to feather the gas to keep it moving............any Help?????????

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