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Del Sol in photo contest. please vote.


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Remember its a photo contest not a car show.


Defiantly some stiff competition though.

though there are a lot of "cars in the driveway shots" which to me is just lazy for a photo contest.

uhh yeah i kind of got that from the OP that said "PHOTO CONTEST"


i think my fav car in there though is #2, the blue S2k with the TE37's, that thing is SICK!

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Nice car, and the pictures are decent. The background in the primary shot throws it off with the inconsistent texture. The roof making the star burst over the car is an excellent find, but that retention wall directly behind the car kind of kills the look. It would have turned out better if the wall gave way to the expanse of the rest of the warehouse.


I think the second picture you posted above is better then the primary. It makes better use of that excellent roof.

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wow this is the first del sol that i came across with my wing



i thought about gettin carbon fiber back piller things like u got. you got any more pix ?

Sol looks good. love the wing not many out there with it.


Not sure how carbon fiber sail pannels would look on the Milano but could be really cool. Will set off the wing nicely.


here are a few bad pics I had.








By the way Install on these is extremely hard and almost requires you to destroy your original ones.

inside the panels is a plastic piece that mimics the shape but is glued in really well. you have to pull this out and glue it into the CF ones.

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