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WTB headunit


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does anybody have a spare headunit laying around that they will sell? i dont mean to be picky but i really want a alpine or pioneer, it doesnt have to be a new model just in good condition, thanks :happy:

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I duno. I don't need to sell it since I'm currently using it, but I've been wanting to upgrade for a long time.


The HU I want to upgrade to costs over a grand though, so I haven't gotten myself to pull the trigger yet. I'll get you pics and the model number tomorrow and go from there. I'll give you a fair price bro, but I also want to have a decent little chunk for a new HU too. :)


EDIT: Only pic I currently have atm...



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is the the type where you press the eject button on the face, the face "falls" down, and you press the second eject button that actually ejects the disc?

or is it the type where it has the slot on the face where the disc goes?


havent looked up the model number yet.. and how much do you want kneegrow?



i found a alpine for $100 BUT it has a small crack in the face >_<

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