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Lost master key need help

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Got a very good deal on a 97 gsr (looked at it, tested it etc.) but when i had the full amount (half now/half later payment) he lost the ONLY key, and hes gone by monday probably tues morning the latest. so the problems lies in.

#1 my names not on the title since i just bought it so is it still possible to go to a dealership and request a new key?

#2 is there any other way to get a cheaper solution to get this fixed? im tight on cash since i just bought the car. and asked an auto locksmith hes asking for 160 bucks (im assuming the dealership will ask for more.)


whyyyyyyy!!!??? help me Jesus! help me jewish guy! help me Allah! aaah! help me Tom cruise! "Talladega Nights"

(i kid i kid guys, i really do need your opinion about this thnx!)

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In any case, your question was answered in the last one.


To get a legit key you need the title in your name with your state ID. That year of Integra did not have an electronic key and any Honda/Acura dealership will make you two free replacement keys if you ask.


As for your situation, since the title issue is not going to be resolved on Easter Sunday you need to call a tow truck and have the car hauled right out of the garage. Make sure you have the seller present, and a written and signed bill of sale. Make sure he also has the title in-hand with his name on it.


No matter what, in this type of situation, someone is getting screwed somewhere. If the price was too good to be true then that car is stolen or the seller is trying to steal your money.

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