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CL Type-S 6 Speed Manual Transmission

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Hi im new to this forum crap! I just bought a 2001 accord 3.0 vtec AUTO w a bad transmission( got it for cheap) I hate driving a auto Its idkkkkk Gayy!but im in love the accord coupe looks!!!! Im a senior in high school this will be my first "own" projects, i have worked on DAs and civics before simple things like radiators, bolt ons like headers, exhaust, light suspension and simple body work. Im not stupid i can change my oil and check fluids like any other kid with a brian. I have many mechanics in my family so i do have help but kinda wanna go on my own with this project!!


I would like to know where can i get a hld of the CL Type-S 6MT? (been looking cant find)

How hard is it to pull the motor? ( that craps big and crammed compared to a b18,d16 ect) it is a v6 after all

anyone of ya done this/what should i watch out for ?


I know the swap is possible, They are the same motor and seen it done NOT MUCH THO

I also wanted to get some feedback about the j35 swap intead of the crapty j30 it almost has no aftermart part and is not that great, ligthy modded civics can pull on that crap !!! !

There is the Comp SC but 4k for 40hp that not cool sound like crap too!

i know i forgot somthing.....

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and by the way this seems like a turd load of work that seems pointless. glad to see you got a deal on a car but theres a reason you did... hondas arent as easy to work on anymore, epsecially newer accords. but if your able to do it, more power to you bud!

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Brian really isn't all that helpful :p


LOL you're gonna do a J swap? Go all out dude. J37 FTW!!

Would like too but cant even find the cl 6mt let alone the j35 itself.... haha go all out huh ??? waiting for my funds!!! getting a 25k signing bonus from the airforce : ) give my mommy 5k hahah soo 20k Its a decent budget

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There are a lot of different J35 engines.



(When you go to this link, you have to click on "Parts" first, then enter the vehicle info. Then you can find the parts. The transmission is listed under "Engine assembly- transmission assembly")


I was looking for the CL 6 speed tranny, which is what I thought you were looking for. The CL-S was a J32A2

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you could buy a whole lot for 5700 smackers!


seems like a waste to me, but hey everyones got a their own project right?:thumbsup:



yeah i could do a tt motor swap with my 300zx but idk mannn it a hard one i love the accord that much : )

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