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B17 Swap in a '96 Civic?


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Anyone have experience with this? I have the opportunity to buy a '92 Integra GS-R that's pretty beat up, but the drivetrain is in good shape. Is it a pain to switch from OBD2 to OBD1?


Thanks for any help.

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So the harness essentially bypasses the features that OBD2 has in my car's harness? Sounds like my harness will then have all of the same plugs for sensors and what not as the Acura motor.


What about the gauge cluster - will that all work the same as it does now?


I'm pretty geeked about all of this. I finally get to paint the car as well. Anyone have favorite colors that I haven't thought of?

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Metallic purple always stands out on Hondas.



Metallic purple stands out on Trans Am's with redneck chicks for drivers. I'm thinkin' a little more subtle.





I think I might just stick with black, and add some pinstriping. My car's not fast enough (even with an Acura motor) to stand out too much. I also like electron blue pearl, but that's probably too bright for me too.


And thanks for the info on the swap, I think this is gonna be easier than I planned on.


Anyone wanna buy a '92 Integra with a D16?

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