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Del Sol, Si Auto to VTEC trim swap

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I totalled my 94 Vtec sol, and I bought a 1994 auto Si del sol.


I need to know what is different with the wiring harnesses? Is it easier to swap the Vtec harness in or just use the Si harness and wire the needed things up? What will I need to wire up?


Also, I would like to know what is different on the suspension parts? I have everything to swap over, but I don't know what parts are the same and what are different.


All help will be appreciated :)

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oic. well he's not expecting me to hold it, so first come first serve i guess.

he's already committed to buying the whole thing for $250 though, so idk if i'd make as much parting it tbh.

PM me an offer or hit me on AIM.



bump! anybody know??

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