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gotta computer problem. i just transfered everything from an older pentium 4 computer (motherboard, ram, processor, peripherals etc.) into a larger case. the processoecor was still connected to the motherboard when i made the switch. the only thing i changed was the PSU, and i've elminated that as the problem because i've tried 2 different ones with the same problem.


i first got the computer booted up after the case and PSU swap about 2 days ago without any problems computer boots, although i made a noobish mistake and put the cd drive in upside down, and had the reset and power switch wires swapped. so no biggie i shut everything down (no problems) unplug the power cord, wait for the lights and everything to shut off, ground myself and the system. i fix the power buttons and the cd drive.


now when i plug the power cord into the PSU, the computer kicks on for a second (lights, fan, keyboard) all fire up for about 1 second, then everything but the lights on the tower and mobo shut off. i said wtf, unplugged the power cord, plugged back in, same thing happens.


so i go through and make sure the ram is seated, all power plugs are seated, all sat and ide cables are seated, everything is plugged in right. i plug the power cord back in, same thing. i try unplugging all the drives one by one, and plugging the power back in, same thing.


i try a different PSU (different brand, different wattage), same thing, kicks on for a second then dies.


i tried leaving only 1 ram stick at a time to see if i have a bad ram stick, nothing changes. i pull out the cmos battery and let it sit for a few minutes, pop it back in, make sure everything is plugged back in, plug the power cord back in and it starts booting up (without pressing any power buttons).


i said screw it and just run along with it. so tonight when i go to shutdown, i do the regular start>shutdown, it logs out of windows, has the "windows is shutting down" box with the light blue background. little box goes away, mouse and keyboard go off, but the background stays, and i can hear my fans still going.


i say wtf again, unplug the power cord, plug it back in, now i'm back to square 1, everything fires up for a second then dies. i unplug cmos battery, let it sit, put it back, plug power in, everything boots up without pushing the power button, and now i am here.

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problem solved.

send 2-3 grand then i might consider it. wait no i would just blow the money on the misses, the car, or a BAMF gaming pc


problem's fixed, had the reset button jumper hooked up to the hard drive LED, so it was like the reset button was being held down constantly. looked up the correct way to hook the front panel stuff and all problems have gone away.

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hmmm. . .


One possibility is that the motherboard is grounding out against the new case.


Also, look on the motherboard and check all your capacitors.


they are the little guys circled in light blue. .




The tops of them should be flat. If any of them looked bulged or swollen, or have anything oozing out of them then that is your problem. and unfortunately, will require a new motherboard.

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