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Mounts for Engine Swap


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I'm looking to do a complete engine / xmsn swap on my 02 civic. I might be throwing in a B or H Series engine. Only problem is I cant find mounts online for my year civic. I went to Hasport but they only sell mounts for a K20 engine. Does anyone know where I can find engine / xmsn mounts for my car to do these swaps aside from going to the junk yard?

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xmsn? Does that mean transmission? There's a satellite radio station called xmsn. It means XM Sports Nation.


A lot of ppl will probably tell you to


a) just get a k-swap. You can get an k20a3 swap for like $1200-$1500. Or k24a4 for a similar price.


b) sell it and get a 00' civic. Maybe an si cause it already has a b16.


If hasport doesn't make mounts for it, that probably means they don't exist. Custom work wouldn't be worth the money and hassle when compared to just using a k-series. Plus K is much more baller.

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