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Crank pulley removal tool


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I don't really want to fork out the money for one >_<


I've heard of putting string in your number 1 cylinder to keep it from reaching TDC, then breaking it loose with an impact wrench.

what kind of string should i use, and are there any other ways?

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The tool only costs $10-$15.


The string trick, the screwdriver trick and the letting your car off the stands with the ratchet wedged trick all work but are a hair dangerous in various ways.


Best trick. Get everything situated and tore down. Position ratchet out through the engine bay. Put wheel back on and car on ground, in gear with park brake locked. You may want to have some one stand on the brakes too. But a good 6 foot pipe on the end of the ratchet and pull.


I did that and it popped right off. Problem was I had so much leverage when I did it and the car was on stands that I knocked the car clean off the stands.

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