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Glad I was in the Jeep


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So yesterday after work I'm sitting at a red light behind another car minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear screeching and instantly I'm being careened into the car in front of me. Some idiot in a Suburban took his eyes off the road and didn't know that traffic had stopped.


It completely effed up his front end (had a nice 31" BFG imprint in his hood and grille. :devil:). Shoved my spare into my tailgate and smashed my bumperettes (those things actually work!). The Cavalier I got slammed into had his trunk shoved about a foot forward and cracked the hell out of his bumper. No front end damage for me though :D Thank God for 1/4" thick plate steel bumpers.


Now both of us will take him to the cleaners and this'll give me a chance to upgrade my rear bumper. I'm also still driveable which is good for work reasons. In the battle of Chevy vs. Jeep vs. Chevy the Jeep came out on top. :D


The kicker though. I had just picked up my rear bumper for the Sol that I'd just laid $300 down for body work and new paint. The accident shoved it up under my dash and gouged/scuffed the hell out of it. $300 down the crapter just like that. I'm not sure if I will be able to get insurance to cover it. :sad:

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