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FS: 1993 honda civic mini me swap and tail lights


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OK so I'm selling the stock taillights and maybe someone out there needs a projector headlight and I'm not sure what the blacked out ones came off of their a little bit smaller well ill take price suggestions heres some pics pm me if u need more info or pics ohh and i think someone just spray painted the black taillights not sure the stock tail lights look brand new and the projector headlight works i just don't want it i went stock with mine and it was left over from when i bought the car


tail lights

back of tail lights

projector headlight passenger side

back of projector headlight

blacked out taillights (back)

blacked out taillights


also selling a mini me swapped d15b8 with the d16 vtec head the only thing wrong with it is one of the piston rings is going bad when i did the compression test it was getting 120 instead of 150-160 w/e its supp. to be any ways its going to sell with alternator, power steering pump, water pump,distributer,intake manifold, exhaust manifold, the a/c mounting bracket brand new oil filter on it not even 30 miles on it, valve cover is painted metallic green, o2 sensor its on the exhaust Manifold. all the sensors that were on the engine i will include the wiring harness that came with my D16A that they destroyed, all the plug ins for the sensors and alternator are still good just doesn't go to anything else besides the engine selling for $400 obo ill get some more pics later I'm going to clean it up a Lil bit its not that bad but id rather it be its cleanest when you see it.



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