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Brake/Suspension setup...need help.


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I need a little help getting my list complete. Any input would be greatly appreciated. One of the techs at my work is going to be taking care of the labor for me on this. I just need all the right parts. This isn’t going to be a track car; I just want better all around performance. The parts are going on my 89 Si hatch.

I have the following:


Koni Yellow adjustable

Brembo blanks (front/rear)

Rear trailing arm off a 95 Del Sol Si (complete with e-brake cables)



I need:

Ceramic pads

Brake lines (which ones to use? Stock off the hatch, or some from the Del Sol?)

Master Cylinder (I think mine is fine, but should I upgrade to a different one?)

Ground Control coilovers or Eibach Sportlines? Are the GC’s really worth the extra $$?

What else…?


You’ll have to forgive me if this sounds noobish. This is my first Honda. I usually play with BMWs/MINI’s. I did try searching, but didn’t find the answers or i just over looked them.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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I just thinking in my head of what to use but if it were me, I would probaly use the stock lines cause they are already made for the car, I have a del sol and I would think the lines would too short for the car. But i don't know the exact length of the lines of both cars. So they might match up, But i honestly don't think they will.


as for the ground controls, they are worth the money, we had a discussion in on our other threads about them and a lot of people say they like them.


If anybody in the forum has something to add to help the man out that would greatly appreciated.


Good luck! :thumbsup:

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I don't have experience with any of that except for Eibach Pros. They were pretty nice with the Koni Yellows so I assume the sportlines would be good as well, just lower.


Sorry I can't help you out more.

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